Deborah Cohen, MFT, MPH

Psychotherapy and Counseling - Marriage and Family Therapist

Davis, CA and Sacramento, CA

Couples Therapy - Marriage Counseling

Do you want to learn more effective communication skills?

Do you feel dissatisfied and stuck in old behavior patterns with your partner?

Does it feel like relationships are one of the biggest challenges of your life?

I can help you break destructive communication patterns in your relationship and build/rebuild trust and intimacy.

couples counseling, marriage counseling, relationship therapyI love working with couples. It is often in our most intimate relationships that we do our deepest soul work. I have benefited from couples therapy as a client, and I know the power of this work from both the client'Â?s and the therapist's point of view.

We all carry the wounds from our childhoods and from past relationships into our partnerships. We repeatedly play out dysfunctional patterns of coping or responding until we heal them. My job with couples is to help them discover where these patterns come from, why these dysfunctional patterns show up in the relationship, and how to honor them as we work through them.

In addition to working with heterosexual partners, I counsel gay and lesbian couples. I also offer pre-marital counseling for couples. Pre-marital counseling helps couples focus on the Â?red flagsÂ? that may show up in their relationship. I help engaged couples prevent some potential challenges and conflicts that may arise in their relationship. I also assist the couple in learning and practicing good communication skills.

Each couple I work with has unique challenges. Together we develop relationship goals appropriate for you. I use several communication techniques with couples, including the "?nonviolent communication"? techniques developed by Marshall Rosenberg, John Gottman'?s couple'?s communication protocol, and Harville Hendrix' Imago Therapy. As well, I will help you navigate any sexual concerns or problems that either one or both of you are having.

For those couples interested, we also look at the ?"relationship cords"? that are between the partners' chakras or energy centers. Understanding these energetic connections provides a useful and unique perspective to relationship dynamics.



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