Deborah Cohen, MFT, MPH

Psychotherapy and Counseling - Marriage and Family Therapist

Davis, CA and Sacramento, CA


Therapy office of Deborah Cohen

With integrity, compassion, and a deep devotion to you and to all of life, I provide easily accessible holistic (mind, body and spirit integration) approaches to help you experience and integrate your inner healer or divine self within.

I blend conventional therapy with alternative approaches that are shown to be successful in helping you free up stuck patterns and rediscover the joy, vitality, creativity and wholeness that are your birthright.

What serves you most in the work we do together is my love of what I do and my ability to be very present, grounded, and non-judgmental.

I can promise that I will fully attend to you and whatever your needs and goals are for counseling.

Working with me, you will discover and/or deepen your connection to your soul’s wisdom and to your inner strengths and resources. You may well create new possibilities for yourself that you could not even imagine.

I specialize and have extensive professional training in the following areas

  • Trauma Recovery (including sexual abuse)
  • Couples and Relationship Skills
  • Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Phobias
  • Life Purpose Exploration
  • Eating Disorders, Unhealthy Eating Habits, and Body Dysmorphia (body dislike)
  • Chronic and Life Threatening illness, Chronic Pain
  • Grief and Loss
  • Spiritual Exploration and Connection

I also have extensive training in mindfulness-based practices, leading spiritual workshops, body-centered psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, energy healing, life coaching, and creative arts therapy. As well, I am nationally certified in EMDR, hypnotherapy and group therapy.







In addition to talk therapy, I use the following techniques:

1. Hypnotherapy: To heal from dysfunctional eating and other addictive behaviors, from traumas, and to manage pain and surgery recovery

2. EMDR: To heal from trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, and unhealthy habits. Also for peak performance. (See more complete explanation on FAQs page.)

3. Energy Psychotherapy: Acupuncture meridian and chakra work to heal from stuck patterns, anxiety and to realize peak performance. (See more complete description on FAQs page.)

I offer the following therapy groups:

(See detailed group descriptions on “Groups and Workshops” Page)

1. Self Discovery Group: For adult men and women who want to explore teachings about manifestation and learn about one's shadow and how it interferes with living a life of impeccable honesty, integrity and deep peace and inner calmness.  Techniques are taught to clear dysfunctional mental and emotional behavior patterns. I am offering three of these groups: one in Sacramento and two in Davis. The groups that meet in Davis on Tuesday mornings from 5:30 to 7 pm  There isis currently one opening.


2. Sacramento Valley Awakening to Spirit Group in Sacramento and Davis: Group meets in Sacramento the first Saturday morning of each month and in Davis the third Saturday morning of each month. This group helps you connect more deeply with Spirit/God and with your Soul-Wisdom through meditative practices and experiential techniques for transcending your ego. Fee is $5 each meeting to pay for room rental fee. Read more about this group on the Groups and Workshops page and see website


The Interns who work at my Sacramento private practice office offer a lower fee (See Lower Fee Therapy Page for more information about them.)


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